Arduino Library

Click here to download the Library, Install it in your Arduino/libraries directory
 06/12/2017 v0.8
Added FM and RDS
 27/11/2017 v0.7
Added get Time support (DAB Ensemble Date/Time)
 23/11/2017 v0.5 Added timeouts for waiting funcitons
 20/11/2017    v0.4 Added Chip Info and Fimware Version Number
 17/10/2017    v0.3 Check for MAX services to prevent buffer overflow
 09/10/2017 v0.2
 Move SPI out of Library to be implmeneted by Application.
 11/05/2017 v0.1
 Initial release

Arduino Example Project

Click here to downlaod the Example Projecct, Install it in your Arduino/ directory

 06/12/2017 v0.8 Added FM and RDS support
 27/11/2017 v0.7 Added get Time Support
 23/11/2017 v0.6 support for Due (SAM devices)
 23/11/2017 v0.5Added more debug information to help "getting started"
 20/11/2017 v0.4    
Added Chip Info and Fimware Version Number
 09/10/2017 v0.2
Added SPI functions for Library or BigBang options,
Added support for SAMD devices (with SPI Library on ISCP or Bitbang SPI on pins 11,12,13)
 11/05/2017 v0.1
 Initial release

C-Code Library

*** Coming soon ***