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Corrected DAB Frequencies

posted 30 Mar 2020, 02:14 by Adrian Verity

Fixed two DAB frequencies in the DAB Library - (13A/13E) - Sorry Norway !

Enhanced FM support

posted 6 Sep 2019, 04:35 by Adrian Verity

The Library has support for seek.  DAB App and DAB LCD projects have been updated to demonstrate this functionality

Non-Volatile Station Storage

posted 18 Oct 2018, 07:36 by Adrian Verity

The DAB LCD project now has non-volatile storage of ensemble services so that the service scan on power up isn't needed.  Pressing the joystick button down on power up causes a re-scan of the services.  Thanks to Tom for sharing this code.

Fast Tuning Crash

posted 19 Sep 2018, 09:00 by Adrian Verity   [ updated 19 Sep 2018, 09:01 ]

Unfortunately some serial port debug code in the fast tune function add in the library code v0.9.  This causes a crash with SAMD21 devices.  This has now been removed in v0.10,

Fast Tuning

posted 5 Jul 2018, 12:25 by Adrian Verity

DAB Library has been updated to include fast tune function if ServiceID and ComponentID are already known.

Arduino M0 Compatible

posted 15 Jun 2018, 11:15 by Adrian Verity   [ updated 15 Jun 2018, 11:29 ]

DAB Radio Project is now shipping wtih Arduino M0 Compatible Board (Arduino have discontinued this powerful board).

DAB LCD Project

posted 22 Feb 2018, 03:49 by Adrian Verity   [ updated 22 Feb 2018, 03:51 ]

A Stand alone DAB radio with LCD and joystick button control project is now available to purchase with software download.
The radio has scan, tune, volume, scrolling service text, time and 3 display modes.  See DabShield/Projects page...


posted 6 Dec 2017, 11:53 by Adrian Verity

Added FM and RDS support to the Library...  now the DAB Shield is also a FM RDS Shield.

In Stock !

posted 6 Nov 2017, 03:43 by Adrian Verity

The DABShield have arrived and are now in stock for immediate dispatch.


posted 3 Nov 2017, 02:44 by Adrian Verity

Production is complete and Shipped...

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