Arduino Getting Started

The getting started project shows you how to install the Arduino IDE and connect up the DABShield to your Arduino Board.  The project shows how to install the library code to your project and how to compile and run.

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Command Line Radio

The command line radio app is a good introduction to the control of the DAB Shield.  The command line allows scanning, tuning, services to be selected.  Service Text, Date and Time is displayed and the uses as control over volume.  There is also support for FM and RDS.

HINT: Please ensure you have "Carriage Return" enabled in the bottom right of the Serial Monitor, otherwise when you SEND there is no CR to trigger the command to be executed.

Click here to downlaod the Example Projecct, Install it in your Arduino/ directory

 06/09/2019 v0.9 Enhanced FM functionality (seek/scan)
 06/12/2017 v0.8 Added FM and RDS support
 27/11/2017 v0.7 Added get Time Support
 23/11/2017 v0.6 support for Due (SAM devices)
 23/11/2017 v0.5Added more debug information to help "getting started"
 20/11/2017 v0.4    
Added Chip Info and Fimware Version Number
 09/10/2017 v0.2
Added SPI functions for Library or BigBang options,
Added support for SAMD devices (with SPI Library on ISCP or Bitbang SPI on pins 11,12,13)
 11/05/2017 v0.1
 Initial release

LCD Project

The LCD DAB Radio project provides the hardware and software to create a stand alone DAB Radio.

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