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Digital Radio for the enthusiast

DAB Shield is a daughter board for Arduino and compatible platforms. The board contains a Silicon Labs Si4684 DAB/DAB+/FM chip-set along with an audio amplifier, SMA antenna. Unpopulated connectors for ICSP SPI and zero ohm resistors allow the board to be used with SAMD boards, Digital I/O have zero ohm resistors and solder points to allow different or external digital control and there is a 6 way FTDI USB to TTL connector. Digital Audio Output Output in the form of I2S is also available at a 4 way 0.1" unpopulated connector. The Arduino Library allows access to the Tuning Features such as Scan, Tune (to multiplex), and Service (select station) as well as Volume Control.

Example Arduino software provides a Terminal inteface to fully control a DAB radio tuning and selection.

Generic 'c' code is also provided for use with other micro-processors such as NXP's LPC range.