Hybrid Radio Project - DFROBOT Display

DFROBOT Display Wiring

The DFROBOT Screen using SPI serial communications for the graphics, and I2C for the touch screen.  The SPI Bus is shared with the DAB Shield but uses different Chip Select (CS) lines to communicate to each device.  There are also additional pins used for the Data/Command (DC), Backlight (BL) and Reset (RT) lines.   To avoid conflict with pins used by the DABShield the following pins are chosen:

Screen Wiring Harness

Screen Wiring Harness - note that MISO/MOSI wires are swapped over (black/white) in photo above...  other wise the wire order is almost in the same order as the display.

CAUTION:  -- The supplied ribbon cable may not have the same starting colour as the photo above --

Screen Wiring Harness Connected