DAB Shield

DAB Radio Shield

Price: £50 GBP

Postage & packing: £3.00 GBP

DAB Starter Kit

Arduino M0 (Clone)*, DABShield and Display and Button Shield. Kit to create a standalone DAB radio

Price: £80.00 GBP

Postage & packing: £3.00 GBP

Arduino M0 (Clone)

Arduino M0 (Clone) - has more RAM and power allowing for larger more complex applications

Price: £20.00 GBP

Postage & packing: £3.00 GBP

*Please note that Arduino have discontinued their M0 board, as this board was ideal for the DAB Shield in terms of power and price, we now supply a cloned version of this board. The cloned part requires that the WeMos SAMD21 board support it added to the Arduino IDE for instructions on how to do this please see our getting started page.